About us

Effective tools are created when real estate and technology people connect


SmartBroker is an innovative start-up, founded by real estate developer Aviv Baal-Taxa and his team of professionals, who, based on their experience looked for an advanced solution in order to streamline the marketing and distribution the commercial real estate and adapt it to this modern age.

Understanding needs

We have developed a system based on a thorough understanding and consideration of the needs of all transaction parties: property owners, agents and buyers The commercial real estate market has undergone major changes in recent years, that require adjusting by all involved players in order to stay relevant. Anyone who is unable to adapt to such changes will be left behind.

In today’s dynamic world, clients want

To obtain complete information about the properties, including virtual tour and plans, before going on a field tour To obtain complete information about the building and its surroundings Access to information – to have all information available on their smartphone, including the ability to sign digital brokerage agreements


To provide real estate agents with actual value by creating a system that allows them to close much more transactions in less time and with less effort; and be able to focus primarily on locating new clients and closing transactions instead of locating pr